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15 juni 2017

Chemsex, hassle or pleasure?

Sex and drugs are of all ages, the combination of them as well. Can be fun and nice, but sometimes it might get too far.
Substances such as Crystal Meth (Tina, Ice), Mephedrone (Miauw Miauw, 4FMP, 3MEC, 4MMC) and GHB / GBL can cause problems for body and mind. That's why GGD Amsterdam offers the Chemsex counselling hours.

Every Thursday evening from 6-9 pm there are experienced experts with whom you can talk about your Chemsex engagement. Without an appointment, you are welcome to ask questions, do your story and get the information you need.
Note: The peer advisors are trained experience experts and not professionals. They listen to your story and can give you some advices if asked for, but won't be a therapy.
The Chemsex phenomenon is especially common within certain groups of gay and bi men. The counselling hours are therefore aimed for this group.

GGD Amsterdam, Weesperplein 1
Every Thursday evening from 6 – 9 pm

What is Chemsex?

Chemsex is a term used primarily by gay and bi men, meaning men having sex under the influence of (hard) drugs. Of course, settings might differ, as well as the composition of the group of men (1 on 1 or group sex) and the drugs which are used (often a combination of multiple drugs). Chemsex is mainly done by men in home settings.
The Chemsex phenomenon exists worldwide, also in several larger European cities. By using Dating apps and travelling getting cheaper and easier, we see a development of many international sex networks.

What drugs are used?

GGD Amsterdam has chosen a closer definition of Chemsex. Studies and experiences show that certain drugs cause physical and mental problems to the user.
GGD Amsterdam has chosen to use the term Chemsex if at least one of the following substances is used: GHB / GBL, Mephedrone (meow, meow - 3 MEC, 4 MMC) and Crystal Meth (Tina).
But the definition can also be broadened, with other hard drugs (Ketamine, Cocaine, Speed (methamphetamine) etc.) being seen as Chemsex.
The use of the chosen drugs is in combination with the intention to have sex.

What are the problems of Chemsex?

Chemsex is often associated with unprotected condomless sex and (unintentional) sexual risk-taking behaviour. Snorting attributes and drug needles can also be shared. This increases the risk of STI or HIV infections.
The substances used during Chemsex can cause problems for body and mind. The use of 'uppers' during sex makes men go on longer, without any eating and drinking too little. The use of ‘uppers’  can result in overheating and drying out.
In the worst case it can result in unconsciousness or overdose.
The risk of frequent Chemsex engagement can have consequences such as, mental problems, drug psychoses (drug use and little sleep), depression, or even suicide. But also relationships and social problems (sick leave, dismissal, housing issues) have been reported by frequent users.

Why Chemsex counselling at the GGD/ STI clinic and for whom?

Some men can lose themselves in Chemsex; More and more drug use, overstepping one’s own boundaries, taking more sexual health risks which might lead to possible STI and /or HIV infections. This group of men are already familiar at the GGD and experience the STI outpatient clinic as pleasant and are satisfied with the quality of care.
Therefore, the STI clinic of Amsterdam implemented a low threshold counselling for men who want to talk about chemsex, in the style of community-led conversation.
Gay and bi men are welcome and can talk about their Chemsex behavior, ask the questions they have, and are referred if necessary to professional help.