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QR-code for people without BSN

14 maart 2022

Since 25 February you no longer need a QR-code within the Netherlands. Are you traveling within Europe and do you need an international corona certificate (DCC)? Then follow the route described below.

In Dutch

People without BSN or DigiD can now obtain a digital proof of vaccination, the so-called QR code at GGD Amsterdam. This service is aimed at people who cannot create a QR code in the normal way:

  • People without BSN, vaccinated or tested positively by GGD Amsterdam and/or living in region Amsterdam Amstelland
  • People with BSN who cannot obtain a DigiD (not registered with municipality)

This is how it works

Step 1: Complete the registration form
If possible, enter your BSN or V-number. If you have your patient number (sometimes written on your vaccination registration card), please note this in the form.

QR codes contain medical information, therefore we have to check your identity before we can share this with you. We can accept the following methods of identification:

  • Foreign passport or national identity card
  • Dutch passport, identity card, Dutch driver's license
  • Dutch residence document
  • Dutch alien or refugee passport

Step 2: We check the data

  • Is there a V-number or Citizen Service Number (BSN) in our system that corresponds to the registration form? Then the applicant will receive the QR code by secure e-mail.
  • Is there no V-number or Citizen Service Number (BSN) in our system or are other data missing? Then we’ll contact you by phone.

To send your QR code securely you need an e-mail address and mobile telephone. Do you not have access to this or do you need support? You can call us on 020 – 555 9995 between Monday and Friday between 9:00 and 17:00.

Keep your vaccination registration card

The vaccination registration card must be kept well, even after receiving the QR code.

Other problems with QR codes:

Foto: Cedric Fauntleroy via Pexels