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These are difficult times for students. What is allowed (or not) and what are you supposed to do if a housemate gets a positive coronavirus test result? This pages offers practical answers to the questions that are in the forefront of most students’ minds. There is a handy poster stating the anti-corona measures which you can apply in your student home or association.

Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD) consults with student organisations and educational facilities on a regular basis. We discuss the concerns the students have, how they handle the measures and what extra help might be needed. These discussions result in questions that we have answered below and which we continuously update.

Corona house rules for student houses

What are you supposed to do if a housemate has symptoms and gets tested? Or after a housemate has tested positive for the coronavirus? This handy poster tells you what to do. It was made in cooperation with students. Print it out and hang it in your student house or association building.

Poster Corona house rules in student houses (PDF, 1,9 MB)

Poster Corona spelregels in studentenhuizen (PDF, 1,9 MB)

Coronavirus testing

When are you supposed to get yourself tested for the coronavirus? Get tested if you have any of these symptoms:

  • symptoms of a cold
  • a nasal cold
  • a runny nose
  • sneezing
  • a sore throat
  • coughing
  • a fever
  • or a sudden loss of the sense of smell and taste

Tests are performed 7 days a week. Plan an appointment through or call 0800-1202. Anyone can call this number to make an appointment. Dutch and English is spoken.

Stay at home until you receive the test results. While waiting for the results you are not allowed to go outside, to go to work, to study at another location or to receive visitors.

A negative coronavirus test result

Negative means that you are NOT infected with coronavirus at the time of the test. You are allowed to go outside again.

Note: are you in quarantine and were you tested negatively? You are still not allowed to go outside, to go to work, to study at another location or to receive visitors until the end date of your quarantine.

A positive coronavirus test result

A positive test result means you ARE unfortunately infected with the coronavirus.

  • You will have to go into isolation (quarantine) at home. Stay at home for 7 days and get well. You are not allowed to go outside and may not receive visitors. This means you cannot go grocery shopping either. If after 7 days you have been free of symptoms for the last 24 hours, you may go outside again.
  • The Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD) will call you.

Watch the YouTube video message about isolation.

Serious symptoms: phone a GP or surgery

Are your symptoms getting worse, are you short of breath and do you have a fever (38°C or above)? Then phone a GP or surgery.

Household or not

We speak of a household when it concerns married couples, registered partners or other living companions as well as parents, grandparents and children who live at one address.
This does not apply to communes, institutions and student houses. They are not viewed as a household.

Questions about the coronavirus?

  • If you have questions about the coronavirus itself you can call this national information number: 0800 - 1351 (daily between 08:00 and 20:00).
  • If you have specific questions for the Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD), please go to our contact page.

The City of Amsterdam’s website offers information about the coronavirus in Amsterdam.

The national government’s website offers current information about the coronavirus in The Netherlands.

Government: Leaflet: Information on coronavirus test results

Government: Factsheet: How does contact tracing work?

YouTube video

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