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Testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

21 november 2022

Do you have symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 infection? If so, do a self-test to see whether or not you have COVID. It is also advisable to do a self-test if you have had contact with someone who has tested positive, or when you return from abroad.

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Is your self-test positive?

If the result of your self-test comes up positive, stay at home and self-isolate. By avoiding contact with other people, you will not spread the virus. Read the quarantine check to find out what you should do if you have COVID. If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

After a positive self-test, you no longer have to go to the public health service (GGD) for a follow-up test. A follow-up test at the GGD is only required if you need a certificate to prove that you have recovered from COVID-19.

Testing for COVID-19 at the Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD)

If you belong to one or more of the groups listed below, then we advise you to go to the GGD for a COVID-19 test:

  • You are a healthcare worker.
  • You live in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.
  • You live at home and go to a day centre (you are over 70 or have a severe immune disorder). Or you go to a day centre where many of the clients can be considered vulnerable people (over 70 or with a severe immune disorder).
  • You cannot do a self-test, even with help.
  • You require a certificate to prove that you have recovered from COVID-19.

GGD Amsterdam carries out tests 7 days a week at various locations across the city. You do not need to make an appointment, but you can if you prefer. Take a look at our location page to view our test centres and opening hours.

Making an appointment for a COVID-19 test

Go to and log in with your DigiD. You can also call 0800-1202 (daily between 8.00 AM and 8.00 PM). When you call, have your citizen service number (BSN) ready.

Getting the results of your GGD COVID-19 test

The results will be posted on within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive an email telling you when your results are ready.

  • If you have tested positive, stay at home and self-isolate. Someone from GGD Amsterdam will call you with advice on what to do.
  • If you have tested negative, you can go about your daily life as normal. However, keep an eye on your health and do another self-test if your symptoms get worse.