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Vaccination against monkeypox

30 november 2022

The Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) vaccinates risk groups preventively against monkeypox in order to limit the outbreak of the disease. A limited number of vaccines is available, so only specific groups will receive an invitation to be vaccinated against monkeypox.

After a monkeypox infection you are fully protected. In that case, there is no need to get a vaccination. If you think you have monkeypox symptoms, please contact your GP for a test appointment at GGD Amsterdam.


It is not possible to make a new appointment for vaccination.

If you have an appointment that you want to reschedule or cancel, call GGD Amsterdam at 020 5559390. Mon - Fri 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Vaccination takes place at GGD Amsterdam HQ, Nieuwe Achtergracht 100, Amsterdam. GGD HQ is close to Weesperplein metro station. GGD Amsterdam will continue vaccinating until December 23rd.

The vaccine

The vaccination uses Imvanex (PDF, 48 kB). Imvanex is registered in Europe as a vaccine against smallpox for adults. Since July 22, 2022, Imvanex is also registered in Europe against monkeypox.  We know that Imvanex is safe to use, including for people living with HIV. We do not yet know exactly how effective an Imvanex vaccination is at conferring protection in practice. The injections do not leave a scar.

Safety and protection

Imvanex is safe, also for people with HIV. The vaccine does not immediately provide good protection after the first injection. The peak of protective antibodies is 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination. This is about 6 weeks after the first injection. In people who only need one vaccination from the GGD, the peak of protective antibodies is two weeks after the injection. It is not yet known how well and for how long people are protected after vaccination.

Therefore it is possible that you will still get monkeypox after the vaccination. That is why the advice remains not to have sexual contact with someone who has symptoms, even if you have been vaccinated. Do you have symptoms after the vaccination that are consistent with monkeypox? Then stay at home and contact your doctor.

One or two injections?

If you were born in the Netherlands before 1975 and received a smallpox vaccination in the past, then just one injection will be needed. If you were born after this date, you will need two injections.

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