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Monkeypox is a viral infection. Usually the virus is only found in Africa, but at the moment it is also spreading through Europe. The virus is not dangerous for most people, but it is very bothersome. That is why it is good to be alert.

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How to recognise monkeypox

If you have monkeypox, you often first suffer from fever, headache, sore muscles, swollen lymph nodes and/or fatigue. These symptoms start 5 to 21 days after you got the virus. After a few days, you get a rash that can spread over your body and face. The rash starts with spots that turn into blisters, which eventually dry up.

Generally not dangerous

It is the first time that a monkeypox virus is circulating in Europe. Therefore, we do not yet have all the information. The virus does not seem dangerous to most people, but it can be fatal to people with very weak immune systems. This rarely happens in Europe. It can make you very sick for a while. After a few weeks you will recover on your own. There are also medicines that help.

What should you do?

  • Have you been somewhere where there was someone who had the virus? In the following weeks, pay close attention to whether you experience any symptoms. Are you experiencing any symptoms? Call your doctor immediately, even if you are not sure.
  • Have you had contact or sexual contact with someone with monkeypox in the last 3 weeks? Go into quarantine and call your doctor.
  • If you have blisters on your body, call your doctor immediately, especially if the blisters have started on your face or pubic area.

Do you have monkeypox?

Stay at home until you are completely cured. This is how you prevent the virus from spreading. As long as you have symptoms, you can still spread the virus.

What is the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) doing?

Monkeypox can be detected with a test. The Public Health Service of
Amsterdam is testing people who might be infected with the virus. If the test comes back positive, contact tracing will be initiated. By acting quickly when there are symptoms, we can prevent the virus from spreading further.

Any questions?

Do you have general questions about monkeypox? You can call the Public Health Service of Amsterdam on 020 555 5337.