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Stay away from smoke!

If fire breaks out nearby, do not go and stand outside in the smoke. If the smoke approaches your house, close all doors and windows and switch off your ventilation system, if possible. Help other people around you to stay away from the smoke.

What should I do if I develop health problems?

Most symptoms that develop after inhaling smoke disappear shortly after you stop breathing in smoke.

If you continue to suffer health problems after inhaling smoke or swallowing soot, see your doctor.

Is smoke harmful to my health?

It is never healthy to inhale smoke, so you should avoid inhaling smoke as much as possible. The health effects of smoke depend mainly on the amount of smoke you have inhaled.

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What does the GGD (Public Health Service) do?

If you have questions about health and smoke, you can contact the Living Environment cluster (Leefomgeving in Dutch) at the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) by phoning 020 555 5405 or sending an email to

A number of Health and Hygiene Advisors on Harmful Substances (abbreviated to GAGS in Dutch) work for the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD). They advise on health risks for residents and healthcare professionals during accidents and disasters. They also take action in the event of incidents involving chemicals.