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Preventing smoke and soot

How do I avoid smoke?

Stay away from smoke when there is a fire. Don’t go and look at a fire and stand away from the direction in which the smoke is blowing.

If you cannot stay away from the smoke, try to exert yourself as little as possible. The more you exert yourself, the more air you breathe in and therefore smoke too.

If the smoke approaches your house, close all windows, doors and vents and switch off your mechanical ventilation system, if possible. Once the smoke has gone, air your house well by opening doors and windows again.

How do I get rid of soot?

If you find any soot or combustion residue, you can clear it up yourself with soap and water. Wash your hands with soap and water afterwards or take the precaution of wearing gloves when cleaning up. You can rinse your shoes with water.

Any fruit and vegetables from the garden that have some soot on them can be rinsed well with water until all the visible soot has gone. If there is a lot of soot on them, it would be better to throw them away. If there is soot in the sandpit, it can be dug out.