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Appointment criteria

The care provided by the Public Health Service Amsterdam STI Outpatient Clinic is complementary to GP care and is based on national guidelines issued by the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) [National Institute for Public Health and the Environment].

This means that only indicated clients are eligible to have a consultation at the STI Outpatient Clinic.

If you can visit your GP, then we recommend that you do so.

If you do not have a GP, you can find a GP (huisarts) in your postal code area easily via the Sociale Kaart Amsterdam (= database of health care organizations in Amsterdam): (searchresult for 'huisartsen')

Criteria for a consultation at the STI Outpatient Clinic are as follows:

  • You are at an increased risk of contracting an STI because:

-> you are a man who has sex with other men
-> you work in the sex trade
-> you come from an area where STIs are prevalent

  • You have been warned that you may have an STI: a warning directly from a person with whom you have been in sexual contact or from the Public Health Service (GGD).
  • You have complaints that could indicate an STI
  • Depending on their personal situation, young people under the age of 25 are entitled to a consultation or a self-sampling test.
  • You live in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Aalsmeer, Ouder-Amstel or Uithoorn.

The changes made by the RIVM may mean the following for you:

  • You may be referred to your GP.
  • The waiting times for a consultation/appointment with the STI Outpatient Clinic could be longer than you are used to with us.
  • A consultation in the STI Outpatient Clinic does not automatically lead to a (full) STI check. After a meticulous intake assessment, we may still refer you to your GP.

An argument we often hear from clients of the STI Outpatient Clinic when explaining why they do not want to visit their GP is the amount that this will cost them, dependent on their deductible contribution. We understand that cost can be an important consideration for you, but we want to emphasise that this is not a justification for undergoing an STI test at the Public Health Service.

We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.