Public Awareness Officer Man tot Man/GGD Amsterdam

Since 2012, GGD Amsterdam has worked with volunteer public awareness officers who attend parties, fetish events and festivals in Amsterdam to provide sexual education to MSM. They do this twice every four weeks, on average.

The goal of an awareness campaign is to speak to MSM and provide information on a certain topic. We inform MSM about HIV, STIs and 'safe (or safer) sex'. We refer them to the social map and point out the locations of the testing facilities in the city. We also often hand out condoms and lubricant (gadgets). The public awareness officers have been trained in conducting motivational conversations and enter into conversations respectfully. At some events, we also work together with our sister organisation, Pink Unity. They provide information on responsible substance use and safer sexual behaviour.

The public awareness officers work together with GGD Amsterdam nursing staff to offer STI tests and hepatitis B vaccinations. Here is the schedule for the upcoming quarter.

Are you interested in volunteering? Send an email to jillidge@ggd.amsterdam.nl.