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Decision Minister Bruins on reimbursement of PrEP

On 10 July 2018, the Minister for Medical Care and Sport, Bruno Bruins, announced that he has decided to reimburse PrEP within a research setting for a period of 5 years (policy letter). The intended start aimed at providing PrEP to groups with a high-risk of HIV infections is in 2019. We consider this decision an important step in the right direction. The minister's approach means that PrEP will be made available, for a limited personal contribution. The PrEP users will also be well charted, and the effects on the HIV epidemic monitored. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of PrEP being made available to anyone eligible for its use in accordance with the professional guideline. Access to this HIV prevention pill and accompanying medical care must also be readily accessible in all regions. We will enter into discussions on these points and some other questions that we have.

Because the policy letter talks about an intended start in 2019, it does not make sense to contact the Public Health Service (GGD) STI outpatient clinics with regards to this new PrEP provision yet. When more information is available, we will inform you about it via this website.