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Self-bought tests

A number of do-it-yourself tests are available to buy from the pharmacist or on the internet, including tests for HIV, syphilis or chlamydia. These tests must bear an EC logo, otherwise they cannot legally be sold. Tests bearing an EC logo are packaged well and have clear instructions for use in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the EC logo is not a guarantee that you will receive an accurate test result. The quality of the tests varies. This is mainly due to the fact that not all tests are equally easy to carry out and it is sometimes difficult to read the test result.

These tests are intended as screening methods: if the test reacts, then further tests are required in order to see if an infection is actually present.

Mind, some tests are unable to detect (the onset of) some infections. What is more, the tests are not suitable for everyone. It is sometimes difficult to determine which test is most suitable in your personal situation and which will give you a reliable result. We therefore advise against the use of do-it-yourself tests.