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25 februari 2019

At the Sense surgery you can ask any questions you may have regarding sexuality, contraception and (unplanned) pregnancy. Sense is part of the STI Outpatient Clinic and part of Public Health Services in the Netherlands and is run by the Public Health Service Amsterdam, amongst others.

What issues can you get help with at Sense?

  • General information regarding contraception
  • Prescription for the pill
  • Prescription for the NuvaRing
  • Insertion of a coil
  • Insertion of Implanon
  • Fitting of a diaphragm
  • If sex is uncomfortable
  • If you have no desire for sex
  • If you experience pain during sex
  • Questions regarding the hymen
  • If you are concerned about whether everything is working OK
  • Concerns and questions regarding your genitals
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulties experiencing an orgasm, or orgasming too quickly
  • If you are worried you may be pregnant
  • Bleeding during sexual contact
  • Discharge symptoms

A Sense consultation offers assistance in the form of discussions, a physical and additional examination if necessary, treatment advice, prescriptions or a referral to a specialist. Whatever you need in your situation. Sense is especially intended for those situations in which you are unable to or do not wish to contact your GP. You can even remain anonymous if you so wish. Sense consultations are run by Sense-trained community nurses and doctors from the STI Outpatient Clinic.

Free of charge for those under the age of 25

If you are under the age of 25, a Sense consultation is free of charge. An STI/HIV test is free of charge. Costs will be charged for those persons over the age of 25 who wish to undergo a consultation of this kind: initial consultation costs €40. Payment can only be made by card.