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Procedure at the vaccination office

14 juni 2021
  • The waiting room is on the third floor. First take a number.
    If a group of persons will make the same journey, one number will suffice.
  • If your number comes up at the screen you can go to one of the two registration counters. After registration please wait until the same appears on the screen, combined with a room number.
  • During an interview with one of our employees a personal recommendation is given on required vaccines and antimalarial drugs. Taken into account are your destination, the time period, the means of travel and local accommodations, your state of health and prior vaccinations.
  • If your travel route is known bring it along.
  • Bring your medical data and if you have, your old vaccination certificate/booklet
  • After the interview you go to the cash register. The costs depend on the vaccinations required. You can either pay in cash or pay by switch card (PIN). We don’t accept credit cards.
  • After payment is ready, your number comes up for the third time and the vaccinations will be administered.
    Please leave the building by use of the lifts. If you don't feel well afterwards report at one of our nurses or, if you have already left us, call
    - between 8.30 and 12.00: 020 555 5090
    - from 12.00: 020 555 5911.
    (Mind, no vaccination advice is given through these numbers).

When to start?

  • For a travel period less than 3 months: about 4 weeks before departure.
  • For a travel period over 3 months: about 6 weeks before departure. Take in mind that the holiday period is very busy and all vaccines can be administered long before your actual journey takes place. (note that if e.g. you book your July-vacation in February there's nothing against being vaccinated in February).


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