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Visitors information

Where do I have to go?

The STI outpatient clinic is situated on the ground floor of the main building of the GGD (public health service), Nieuwe Achtergracht 100 (close to public transport junction Weesperplein, see Google maps).

What to expect at the clinic?

If you make an appointment at the STI outpatient clinic this will be confirmed by email. This email includes a QR code. Take this mail (on your phone or tablet) with you when you visit or print it in advance.

  • There is a sign-in column (kiosk) at the entrance of the clinic. Here you scan the QR code, printed either from your mobile or at home. A receipt with a call number will come from the printer above the scanning device. After this you may take a seat in the waiting room.

  • You are called by your number on the screen and you go to the counter.
  • The desk clerk gives you materials to sample the necessary body material yourself at the sample toilet. Also the desk clerk will tell you if blood or follow-up testing is needed.
  • There is a mirror with a monitor screen in the toilet. On the screen you can see an instruction video on how to do this. You can also watch the video by clicking the button on the right of this page (at the bottom of this page on a mobile phone}.
  • After taking the body materials, place them in the rack next to the sample toilet at the sliding window.
  • Then, after scanning, take a seat in the waiting room if blood or follow-up testing is still needed. When your number appears on the screen again, go to the room shown.

There's a video about the routing of a visit to the STI clinic. Watch this by clicking the button on the right of this page (at the bottom of this page on a mobile phone}.

The waiting time depends on the reason for your visit. This can take on average between 15 and 90 minutes.

I am unable to attend and want to cancel the appointment

Send an e-mail as soon as possible to to cancel your appointment. Do not forget to state in the e-mail:

  • date and time of the appointment
  • your name and date of birth

We would like to point out that this e-mail address can only be used for canceling appointments. All other questions, such as changing an appointment, will not be processed. If necessary request a new appointment here.