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Testing for mpox

Call your family doctor if you think that you might have mpox. Your doctor can then arrange an appointment for you to be tested at the Municipal Health Service (GGD). You can usually go on the same day or the next day. You will be tested for mpox alone, and sent the result within 48 hours.

If you think that you might also have caught an STD, then you can arrange your own appointment with the Centre for Sexual Health online. You will then be tested for STDs as well as for mpox. The number of available slots for these tests is, however, limited.

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It is important that as soon as you think you might have mpox, you go home and avoid contact with anyone else.

If you have symptoms, act quickly: this can ensure that you do not pass the virus on to those around you.

Source and contact tracing

If the test reveals that you do have mpox, the GGD will ask you some questions in connection with its source and contact tracing. You will be given advice and some lifestyle rules that will apply while you are ill and contagious.

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