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Pest control

28 februari 2019

Under commission by town districts, housing corporations, individuals and businesses the GGD pest control service prevents and treats all kinds of public-health pests like rats, feral pigeons, wasps and cockroaches in Amsterdam, its environs and sometimes also nationwide.

126 years of experience

The pest control service, having started in 1893 as Sanitary Service, has massive experience preventing and treating public-health pests in apartments, but also offices, hospitals, nursing and old persons' homes, institutions and the hotel and catering industry.

It's one of the largest pest-control businesses in the region. By being part of the Public Health Department of Amsterdam the pest control service has a solid and broad base. Also national and foreign scientific developments are carefully monitored. Next to this the pest control service initiates research of its own. Our clients' business results are supported by our carefully planned approach and use of professional methods . By combining periodical inspections, advice and treatment, it offers businesses the security that pests will not become hard to control plagues.