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The Sexual Assault Center (SAC)

The Sexual Assault Center (SAC) Amsterdam-Amstelland is available day and night to provide help for anyone who has been sexually assaulted or raped in the previous seven days. The free phone number 0800 – 0188 can be reached 24/7.

If the sexual assault took place more than seven days ago, or if you have other questions, you can phone the free number 0800 – 0188 during office hours (9am – 5pm) for information and advice.

Would you rather go to the STI outpatient clinic? That is also possible. Make your appointment online and indicate that you have experienced sexual violence. You can also call 020 555 5822

How does the Sexual Assault Center operate?

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted, raped or has suffered any other form of sexual assault is assigned a personal case manager. This case manager can help you find answers to all sorts of questions, such as: should I be tested for STIs? Do I need therapy? Can I get my own lawyer?

If the incident happened longer ago, the health worker who answers the phone will try to answer your questions and see who can help you further.

If you wish, the SAC can put you in touch with the police. They will explain how the police procedure works during a consultation. You can still go to the SAC even if you don’t want to report the incident to the police.

Where is the SAC Amsterdam-Amstelland?

The SAC isn’t a building you can just walk into. A number of health and welfare professionals work in partnership to provide effective care. Doctors, nurses, the police, psychologists, social workers and sexologists will provide you with the best possible care. All these professionals are bound by a professional duty of confidentiality. In other words, we will not share your information without your permission.

When can you phone?

Anyone who has suffered an unpleasant sexual experience can phone. It makes no difference who you are: a child, young person or adult, a man, woman or transgender, Amsterdam resident or tourist. Anyone with questions about forced sex, sexual abuse or unwanted sexual acts may phone.

For professionals too

The SAC is also available to professionals with questions about care options for clients. Professionals can phone 020 555 5888 during office hours. If the sexual abuse has taken place recently, they can of course also phone 0800 – 0188 to enable them to act as quickly as possible.


Phoning the SAC is always free, but there may be a charge for treatment or other help. The SAC Amsterdam-Amstelland will always tell you about such charges in advance and help you to apply for compensation.

What is sexual assault, rape or sexual abuse?

Sexual assault is when you touch another person in a sexual manner without their consent. This might include pinching, stroking, licking, kissing or rubbing.

Rape means having sex against your will. Forced penetration of someone’s body, without consent, is a criminal offence.

Sexual abuse is another word for sexual assault. It includes all sexual acts or activity which occur against your will, which you have not consented to or are unable to consent to. The term sexual abuse is also often used when we talk about child sexual abuse.

You can also get help if you think that an offence did not occur in your case or if you are afraid that others may not believe you. You can always contact us, even if you are not sure whether your experience was actually sexual assault.

Want to find out more?

Go to the Sexual Assault Center. You can email questions to (this email address should not be used to report assaults).

The Sexual Assault Center Amsterdam-Amstelland is a collaborative partnership between the Public Health Service (GGD), Veilig Thuis, Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC), OLVG Oost, BRight GGZ, the Bascule, Equator, Victim Support (Slachtofferhulp Nederland), Qpido, the police and the Public Prosecutor and has been made possible by the municipalities of Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn.

Providing Support

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