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Sex and drugs are timeless, also the combination of both. This can be fun, but for some people it can cause problems. Tina, 3-MMC or GHB/GBL can cause problems for body and mind.

Information chemsex counseling hour

Chemsex counseling hour – every Tuesday evening and Thursday evening between 18-21 o’clock a telephone call with one of our peer advisors. Send your question to  you will get a call back.

Chemsex pleasure or problem?

Sex and drugs are there since the beginning of time. The combination of both also. For some it is nice and fun, for others is can become a problem.

Drugs like crystal meth (tina, ice) Mephedrone (miauw miauw, 4FMP, 3MMC, 4MEC) and GHB/GBL could cause problems for body and mind.

The GGD Amsterdam offers chemsex counseling hour. Every Thursday evening between 18-21 o’clock you could talk to one of our peer advisors about your chemsex behavior. Walk in, you are more then welcome to tell your story, ask your questions and get the information you need.

The consultation is in Dutch or English.

Note. Our peer advisors are not professional health workers. They listen to your story, it is not a therapy.

Chemsex is more so a phenomena among men who have sex with men. Our services therefore focus on this particular group of men.