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21 februari 2019

Chemsex: A source of joy or pain?

Sex while under the influence of drugs can be very pleasurable and has been a pastime of all places and ages. Yet sometimes, a pleasant diversion can escalate into something more serious. Drugs such as Crystal meth (Tina), Mephedrone (Meow Meow, 3-MEC, 4-MMC) and GHB/GBL may create some undesired long-term mental and physical side effects.

Do you feel as if you are sometimes losing yourself in your chemsex experiences? Do you have any questions concerning the combination of sex and drugs or would you just like to share your experiences?

Counselling sessions

The chemsex counselling sessions at GGD Amsterdam may be of interest to you. You are welcome every Thursday evening between 18:00 and 21:00. You don't need to make an appointment beforehand. Our counsellors (Gay men with experience within the chemsex scene) are there to listen to your story without any preconceptions or prejudice. They are equipped to give you any information you require and to refer you to professional guidance, if you so wish. There are no strings attached to these sessions, anonymity and discretion are guaranteed.

The Chemsex counseling is offered both in Dutch and in English. Would you like to tell your Chemsex story in English, you can make an appointment at

Please note that we are not accredited mental health professionals, personal coaches or social workers. We are men just like you who want to give you the opportunity to discuss your experiences of chemsex freely.

Where and when?

  • GGD Amsterdam, Weesperplein 1 (ask for our room number at the reception)
  • Every Thursday, from 18:00 - 21:00
  • Not able to come to the Chemsex counseling hour? Since January 2019 we offer a telephone counseling service. Send your e-mail with request to One of our peers will call you for a consultation, every Thursday evening from 18.00-21.00 o ‘clock

What is Chemsex?

Gay and bisexual men often refer to the combination of sex and various drugs as chemsex. Chemsex usually takes place between two men in a domestic setting. GGD Amsterdam has noticed a rise in the occurrences of chemsex and (international) chemsex networks both within and outside Europe. Travelling has become more affordable and many gay men use dating apps such as Grindr to find sexual partners.

Which drugs?

GGD Amsterdam focuses its counseling hours on chemsex sessions whereby either GHB/GBL, Mephedrone or Crystal Meth are used. Yet other substances such as ketamine, cocaine, speed, XTC and MDMA can also be used during these sessions and may have undesired side effects you may wish to talk about. You are always welcome to drop by, share your story and ask any questions that are on your mind.

Undesired effects of chemsex?

Having sex on drugs can be a lot of fun, yet chances are that you will be less conscious of your boundaries. Unprotected and other unintentional risky behaviors such as the sharing of snorting attributes and needles increase the chances of contracting STD's and HIV. The drugs themselves also influence your body and mind. Using uppers can lead to the overheating of the body and dehydration as they extend stamina and suppress appetite. In the worst-case scenario, you will lose conscience, and an overdose can be fatal. Drug use combined with a lack of sleep can also lead to mental problems such as psychosis, depression and even suicide. Frequent chemsex practitioners have reported social problems such as frequent and extended sick leave and absence from work, dismissal and housing problems.