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National PrEP programme

What is the National PrEP programme?

September 2019 sees the launch of a five-year programme in which the Public Health Services (GGD, Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst) in the Netherlands will offer pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV and care on how to use PrEP. This programme is intended for men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender individuals who are at risk of contracting HIV. You are at risk of contracting HIV if you currently have (or previously had) anal sex without a condom with someone whose HIV status you were unsure of or who is not receiving (proper) treatment for their HIV.

May I participate in the National PrEP programme via the Public Health Service (GGD Amsterdam)?

There is only a limited capacity and PrEP is also available through your family doctor (GP). The STI Outpatient Clinic of the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service has chosen to prioritize  PrEP for MSM or transgender individuals who have difficulty obtaining or accessing PrEP.

If you live in Amsterdam and want to participate, registration is mandatory. This is possible from September 2 via this link:

Mind, registration is not a guarantee of participation. Do you live outside the Amsterdam area but wish to participate in the programme? Visit the website of the public health service (GGD) in your area.

What can you expect after registering?

After registering via the website, you will either receive a message from the STI Outpatient Clinic containing an invitation to the first interview (consider the waiting period) or the notification that you are ineligible to participate. If you are not eligible, check the website for other options.

During the first appointment, we perform tests and see if you can start on PrEP. You may also ask questions of your own. The following visit will take place a month later. You will then visit the STI Outpatient Clinic every three months. After your appointment, you will buy the tablets at the clinic.

Personal contribution and payment

Due to a requirement of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, we are obliged to charge a personal contribution for the PrEP tablets (€7.50 per 30 tablets). You will receive the tablets after paying your personal contribution. The STI tests are free.

Important: you may only pay by debit card, so be sure to bring one with a sufficient balance to your appointment.

Be sure to always schedule an appointment with us before your pills run out, so you do not have to disrupt your PrEP schedule!

Can you (temporarily) stop participating in the National PrEP programme?

Participants can always stop the programme or stop taking PrEP. Should you wish to stop, discuss this with the PrEP team. You do not have to provide a reason for stopping. If you stop taking PrEP but are still at risk for contracting HIV, we advise you to consider another form of protection. For more information, visit:

If you have not been to a consultation for more than six months, we will assume that you have stopped participating in the programme. We might give your place to someone else. In which case, you may only restart the programme at the Amsterdam Public Health Service if a place is available at that time.