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Studying in Amsterdam and your health


It's great that you are going to study in Amsterdam! Your time as a student is an active time. That is why it is good to keep a close eye on your physical and mental health. On this page you can read how GGD Amsterdam can assist you.

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Sex, STI's and consent

Practice safe sex

Gonorrhoea is on the rise among students. You can have this STI (and others) and pass it on without knowing it. This is why you should always use a condom. Not wearing a condom because you trust each other? Check your risk with the VR-EXperience.

STI test

Are you younger than 25 and do you have questions about sex, relationships and safe sex? Are you afraid you have an STI? You can visit the Center for Sexual Health of GGD Amsterdam for free and anonymous advice or an STI test.

Boundaries and consent

1 in 6 young women and 1 in 25 young men sometimes get talked into sex or are forced to have sex. How can you protect yourself? How do you discover where the other person's boundaries are? And what do you do if it happened to you?

Help after sex against your will

Have you had an unpleasant experience when it came to sex? The Sexual Assault Center is available 24/7 for anyone who recently has had an unwanted sexual experience. Contact them by calling 0800 - 0188 or by chat



Scabies is an infectious skin disease commonly occurring among students. It is caused by a small creature, the scabies mite. The main symptom is itching, especially at night. You can also get small linear burrows, blisters and red bumps on the skin. Especially between the fingers, on the wrists and feet.

Scabies prevention

Anyone can get scabies. You get the disease by skin contact (more than 15 minutes) with someone who has scabies or by sharing bedding or clothing. For this reason, avoid skin contact with someone who is infected. For example, do not sit closely together on the couch, don't cuddle, nor sleep in the same bed, and don't wear clothing belonging to that person.

Scabies? Go to a doctor

Scabies does not go away on its own, but can be treated with a special cream or tablets. So always go to the doctor if you have symptoms. Do you not have a physician in Amsterdam? Check out

Not feeling all right? Talk about it

Being a student can also be difficult. Maybe you experience achievement anxiety or you feel lonely. It's very normal to not feel ""okay." Everyone struggles with mental health issues from time to time. Talking about it is a good start. Do you need more help? We are happy to help you on your way:

  • Coach: at UpTalk (NL) you can talk to a professional coach about your mental struggles for free. The coaches offer pointers and advice.
  • Counselor: Every student union and educational institution has a counselor which you can contact.
  • Psychologists for students: There are psychologists for students. Workshops and events are organized to help improve the well-being of students.
  • Are your symptoms getting worse? See your primary care physician for help.

Do you have ideas to improve student well-being?

Do you have a good idea to improve the well-being of students in Amsterdam? If so, email our student representative Teun Zwemmer: