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BCG vaccination for your child


If one or both of the parents come from a country with high tuberculosis incidence, we will invite the children for a vaccination. This is because young children can become very ill from tuberculosis.


The vaccination has been extensively tested and can be given at an early age. Once your child has been vaccinated, they are less likely to get tuberculosis or become seriously ill.



  • When your child is about two months old, you will receive a letter from the GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service with an appointment date. You do not have to take any additional action.
  • A questionnaire will also be enclosed with this letter. Complete the questionnaire before going to the appointment.
  • If your answer to one of the questions is ‘yes’, please call or email us
  • You can reschedule your appointment. Call or email us

If your child has already travelled, or is older than one year, we will first do a skin test The test is safe for children.

BCG vaccination

  • Your child will receive the vaccination on the upper left arm.
  • After one to two months, a small ulcer will appear at the injection site. This is normal.
  • After six to twelve months the ulcer will have disappeared and a small scar will remain.

The vaccine contains a weakened strain of TB bacteria. It is not harmful to humans, but it is sufficient to strengthen your child’s immune system. The vaccination has been extensively tested.

This is how the BCG vaccination is done

Further information and contact

If you have any questions about the TB tests or about tuberculosis, please contact the Tuberculosis Department of the GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service. We will be happy to help.