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TB tests

GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service conducts various tests to determine whether someone is infected with the tuberculosis bacteria or to detect whether someone has the tuberculosis disease. The tests are safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women.

Skin test (Tuberculin test or Mantoux test)

A small amount of fluid is injected into the skin of your left forearm. If you have antibodies to tuberculosis, a bump will appear at the site of the injection after two or three days.

This is how the skin test is done:

Blood test (IGRA)

We take a blood sample and send it to the laboratory. The blood is checked for tuberculosis antibodies. This takes one to two weeks.

This is how the blood test is done:

Chest X-ray

We take a chest X-ray. The physician will look for abnormalities that could indicate tuberculosis.

This is how the chest X-ray is done:


Sometimes you will have to pay for these tests.