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Costs of TB testing and vaccination at GGD Amsterdam

In some cases, testing or vaccination for tuberculosis will be free of charge. Sometimes you will have to pay for it yourself. Follow-up testing and treatment will be covered by your health insurance.

Free of charge

Not free of charge

Prices as of 1 January 2024:

  • Skin test (Mantoux test) € 41.50
  • BCG vaccination € 56
  • Travellers who get the BCG vaccination also pay for the consultation:
    • 1 person: € 36
    • 2 or more persons: € 45
  • Chest X-ray € 54
  • Blood test (IGRA) € 62.61

We only accept debit card payments.

Reimbursement by health insurer

If you require treatment or additional tests, the GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service will claim these costs from your health insurer. These costs may be part of your excess. Contact your health insurer for additional information.

GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service uses the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) rates.