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Amsterdammers stropen hun mouwen op voor de coronavaccinatie bij GGD Amsterdam.

Coronavirus vaccination in Amsterdam

14 juni 2021

When it’s your turn, you can make an appointment for your coronavirus vaccination. You can do this online or by telephone. We would like to explain to you how vaccination works at GGD Amsterdam.

People who are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) automatically receive an invitation to get vaccinated against coronavirus. If you are not registered in the BRP, but you are staying in the Netherlands for longer than 1 month, you can get vaccinated under certain conditions.

Just so you are aware, you can only make an appointment if you are in one of the groups that are eligible for vaccination (NL).

Making your appointment: by telephone or online

Is it your turn? If so, make an appointment for your vaccination. To speed up the vaccination process, you can now schedule an appointment online (NL and EN, use your DigiD). There is no need to wait for the invitation to arrive.

Would you prefer to schedule your appointment by telephone? If so, wait for the letter from the RIVM to arrive and call the phone number provided (NL and EN). Please have your Citizen Service Number (BSN) ready. The operator will ask you a few questions and schedule two appointments for you. This is because the vaccination consists of two injections.

About the appointment

GGD Amsterdam currently provides vaccinations at 4 locations. Before you leave for your appointment, please check the confirmation for your appointment location. You can only be vaccinated at the time and location given in the confirmation.

Need help getting there?

If you do not have access to transportation to the vaccination site, you can ask someone you know for help. You can bring someone with you.

  • Do you use accessible public transit shuttles (AOV) or Valys? If so, you can use those as well. If you do not have an AOV card, you can contact 0800-0643 to request one.
  • Volunteers from Voor Elkaar in Amsterdam are happy to help elderly people to make an appointment or arrange transport to the vaccination site. Please call Voor Elkaar in Amsterdam: 020 - 767 0031.

Easily accessible

All vaccination sites are easily accessible, even with a wheelchair or walker. Wheelchairs are available for you to use. The locations have indoor waiting areas with plenty of space.

After the vaccination

After the vaccination, you will sit in a waiting room for another 15 minutes to see if an allergic reaction occurs. A doctor is present at all times.

Please take these with you to the appointment:

  • The letter from the RIVM and the completed questionnaire about your health
  • Your ID card or passport
  • A face mask
  • Clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm.

You can bring someone to the appointment to help you.

Possible side effects

For a few days after the vaccination, you may experience muscle pain or fever. This is normal. Do you have any concerns? Please contact your doctor.

Have you been vaccinated? If so, there is a good chance that you will not become ill or will feel less ill after an infection with the coronavirus. It is not yet known whether someone who has been vaccinated can still spread the virus. For this reason, you should still follow the generally applicable coronavirus rules after the vaccination.

More information

We can imagine that you still have questions about the coronavirus vaccines and the vaccination process itself. You can find more information about on the website of the government.

  • Information in other languages.
  • Do you have general questions about the vaccines or the vaccination process? Call the national number 0800 - 1351 (NL and EN, daily from 8 am - 8 pm)
  • If you have specific questions for GGD Amsterdam - Public Health Service, please visit the contact page.